A chicken with sunglasses and a tail of fire

An invite-only webring for personal websites.

This is what it looks like:  Fire Chicken Webring  or  🔥⁠🐓 
Slug Name Url
arne Arne Bahlo
ollie ollie
lukas Lukas Malkmus
pwa Philipp Waldhauer
kotatsuyaki kotatsuyaki
cv Christoph Voigt
igor Igor Bedesqui
hexedit HexEdit Reality
stefan Stefan Kühnel Jayden Garridan Bridges
efe İsmail Efe
jan Jan Früchtl
laplab Nikita Lapkov
bfc rmf


What is a webring?

A webring is a collection of website, usually grouped by a topic, so people that want to find websites with similar content can find those easily. They were popular in the 90s due to bad search engines. Now they’re niche.

Can I subscribe to all websites at once?

Yes, there's an OPML file you can import into your RSS reader to subscribe to all sites at once.

How do I join?

If a friend of yours is in the webring, ask them to send me an email with your email address and your website. Once you're in, add the following snippet somewhere, replacing :slug with your slug:

<a href="">←</a>
<a href="">Fire Chicken Webring</a>
<a href="">→</a>
Why are some members crossed out?

When the links are missing or the site is down for a longer period of time, the member is marked as invalid and skipped in the ring. If you're a member and you think you're marked as invalid by mistake, please contact me.